Magento 2.x Installation

Aug 31, 2016





The first thing you need to do to install Magento manually is to download the latest installation package from the official Magento website.

Link For free Download Magento setup –

Unzip setup file and copy  to root directory of xampp/wamp.

Open phpmyadmin and Create Database.

Follow below step for install magento .


(1) Enter your Magento 2 url in browser and hit Enter.

(2) Click on “Agree and Setup Magento”.

(3) Now Magento 2 will check your environment for readiness for the setup. Click on “Start readiness check”.


(Note :- For avoid extension error while installing magento do changes in php.ini  file. Exa- If you get error like intl.dll missing than go to php.ini file and find “extension intl.dll” and just remove ; sign from starting of line and save and restart localhost server.)

(4) Now enter Empty database that you created previously, where you want to install Magento2.

(5) Click Next, now you will be asked for web configurations like store url, admin url, Apache rewrites, https options.

(6) Click Next, now you can select Timezone, Currency and language in “Customize Your Store” section.

(7) Click Next, Enter Admin username, email and password to setup Admin credentials.

(8) Click Next, Now Magento 2 is ready to be installed on localhost. Click on “Install Now”.

(9) Don’t close your browser until setup is done.

(10) After the installer has completed the setup, it will show Success page.

(11) Open Magento Admin panel, enter your admin credentials given at the time of setup.

(12) And open your homepage.

(Note :- CSS is not loading on the frontend and backend in magento after installation. For solve this issue go to setup folder/app/etc/di.xml file and open file in editor and replace below code form line number 574.






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