What is a site map?

Apr 20, 2016




What is Site Map?A site map (or sitemap) is a list of pages of a web site accessible to crawlers or users.Information and links for finding one’s way around a website, locating areas of interest, and accessing other associated websites. Also called navigation map.

In other word site map is a map of your entire site where the structure of a website has been displayed, based on site flows and pages internal linking.

A crawler is a program that visits Web sites and reads their pages,contents and other information in order to create entries for a search engine index.

It indexes all the words in a document, adds them to a database, then follows all hyperlinks and indexes and adds that information also to the database. Also called web spider

Needs of Site Map?

Let’s consider an example of a bookstore,There are large amount of books in bookstore, you need to find out a book which is based on astrophysics, you have forgotten the author name,but you know that the name of an author starts with A.

Now, If the structure of an bookstore is not proper or off the cuff, It may very complex and difficult to find a certain book which you want, instead if there may a fine structure implemented in bookstore,it will become so easy for us. i.e There should be a separate departments for various categories,and the books should be arranged properly according to author’s name alphabetical order and etc. You just need to focus on astrophysics department and follow the books which author name starts with A. That exactly what with crawler to visit our site,If there is a site map which created properly based on your site structure then it will become very easy to index your site and inter pages,ultimately it is good for your site and search engine optimisation.


How to create Site Map?

There are two types of sitemap :

  • HTML site map
  • XML site map

HTML sitemaps are created and available for viewing by website visitors to help them navigate through a website. Usually, they are setup with a linear structure showing the hierarchy of the site from top level pages to lower level ones. They provide the user with a very easy to read outline of content, making their navigation to their desired content easier.

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How to create html site map in dreamweaver

XML sitemaps are a little different from HTML sitemaps, because they are intended for search engines and spiders not website visitors. XML sitemaps can be visible with any web browser, but their main function is to provide the URLs of a website to search engines.

How to create html site map in dreamweaver

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